What I should be doing…

I really shouldn’t be here. If I was being responsible, I’d be out in the garden, tackling the weeds. 

Yesterday, was all about laundry, but I took a few pictures in between hanging out the washing.

Colours are creeping back in with a vengeance…

I thought I’d lost the sage, but just look at it now.

IMAG1594 IMAG1595 IMAG1611 IMAG1604




And taking the pictures in close up makes it harder to see the weeds. (Oh alright, who am I kidding…)

I suppose I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon.





Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

6 thoughts on “What I should be doing…”

    1. All my aquilegias come from my late mother’s garden – they have self-seeded over the years and I’m especially fond of them.

  1. I love aquilegias too, I think it’s the way they just pop up and grow all over the place and they cross-pollinate so randomly you never know what colour they’re going to be. Happy weeding, but if you don’t get around to it remember that a weed is just ‘a wildflower out of place’…

    1. I am coming to the same view on weeds – they give my garden most of it’s structure – just have to stop the bullies taking over completely. And yes, until the aquilegias starting reproducing I hadn’t realised they come in different colours – an added excitement!

  2. Ah I love aquilegias too, though I have never sucesscully grown one. I tihnk maybe I’ll have to try again… its been a few years.

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