A dog’s life…

We’ve been up in the Peak District for a few days.

Traditionally, this is the annual holiday when we cycle – there being a fabulous amount of off-road cycle routes in the area.

But since we acquired the delinquent dog, things have had to be rethought.

We hoped that he’d condescend to travel in his own trailer…

IMAG1548Unfortunately, as you can see here, we’re just walking along. Anything approaching a ride and the poor boy was apoplectic.

But take the wheels off the trailer and he thought it made a very acceptable camping kennel…

IMAG1554So we did some walking, some riding in pairs and a lot of taking in the scenery.

IMAG1575 IMAG1572Well any way, we all had a good time, even the boy. Back to the final push before the long school holiday. Lots happening this coming half term so I’m going to have to plan our next holiday – I like to have something to look forward to!



Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

8 thoughts on “A dog’s life…”

  1. Love it, my Yorkie sits in basket on the front of my bike and the German Shepherd runs on a special running lead, he can run for miles. `Hope you had a lovely time 🙂

    1. We have an attachment for the bike so he can run alongside, but he goes so fast it pulls my husband along – very useful for uphills though. How I envy the idea of being able to have him in a basket!

  2. Bless his paws 😉 The whippets would catapult us off our bikes if we tried the running leads, they run at over 30mph. Guess we’ll have to stick to walking!

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