Hello, welcome to Mostly Motley.

This little fragment of the internet is home to Anny – that’s me.

I’m a teenage hippy masquerading as a middle-aged housewife. Which is my way of saying that although I look like a fairly nondescript woman of a certain age, in my mind I’m still very largely the girl from the 1970s who wafted around in cheesecloth and dangly earrings – it’s a good disguise.

Anyway, I’ve been blogging on and off for years, in a variety of guises. At times, I’ve tried to write on separate blogs, specializing in certain interests – old places, stitched art, countryside. Lately, I decided that it was time once more to simply bring everything together and publish everything in one place.

I wondered about starting another new blog, then I thought, well, Mostly Motley – a mix of all kinds of random things – which I began many years back, still really said it all. And so here I am, picking it up again and hoping that at least one or two people out there will find this eclectic mix vaguely entertaining.

Thanks for coming along on the ride.

Anny x

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