A dog’s life…

We’ve been up in the Peak District for a few days.

Traditionally, this is the annual holiday when we cycle – there being a fabulous amount of off-road cycle routes in the area.

But since we acquired the delinquent dog, things have had to be rethought.

We hoped that he’d condescend to travel in his own trailer…

IMAG1548Unfortunately, as you can see here, we’re just walking along. Anything approaching a ride and the poor boy was apoplectic.

But take the wheels off the trailer and he thought it made a very acceptable camping kennel…

IMAG1554So we did some walking, some riding in pairs and a lot of taking in the scenery.

IMAG1575 IMAG1572Well any way, we all had a good time, even the boy. Back to the final push before the long school holiday. Lots happening this coming half term so I’m going to have to plan our next holiday – I like to have something to look forward to!



Having A Good Time?

I’m trying hard, but this weather is really getting to me now…

The Tissington Trail at Parsley Hay – it really was that dark and that wet.

Being British, we went camping in the Peak District last week – it wasn’t actually raining when we set off, but it wasn’t long before the dark clouds rolled in and that was pretty much the story from then on.

The lovely man in the Buxton Tandoori (do go there if you’re in the area – excellent take-away), told us that a gale was on its way – we laughed – nervously, then told him we were camping – he looked embarrassed – but it turned out, he was quite right.

The girls managed to fit in their tandem ride on the Tissington Trail, although it has taken me until now to get their clothes clean of the mud they accumulated on the journey. The dog and I leapfrogged them to the car parks – but the dog soon decided it was too wet for him and he’d rather sleep in the car than walk in the pouring rain.

So you won’t be surprised to know that we came home earlier than planned. We simply didn’t have anything dry left to wear, oh and the girls discovered Lake Superior under their part of the tent.

Since we got home, it has continued to pour. The stream near the house has broken its banks and the path to the canal is flooded.

That’s June for you.

I really pity the poor people coming to the UK for the Olympics. Knowing the way things work around here, it will now be wet until about the third week in August (although as the children go back to school during the first week of September, I’d put off your holiday here until at least the second week of September if you want a chance at better weather).

Do I sound like a miserable old grump? Well, that’s what I feel like.

So, here is my only attempt at cheering things up a bit…

as happy as a pig in nettles…

This little chap had a good chat with us while we were on our mini-holiday. (Pigs always make me feel happier)

I’ll leave you with the immortal words of Edward Monkton

The Pig of Happiness

May his JOYFUL SMILE remind us how much there is to be happy about –

Good thought, I’ll hold on to that.