10 Beaches You Really Don’t Want To Visit…

Everybody knows that Scotland is a wet, cold and windy place, infested with monster mouthed midges.

No one in their right mind would venture there for their summer holiday, certainly not in a small tent, in August.

Good, so that’s that sorted.

Of course, sometimes that’s true. It can indeed be exceedingly cold, wet and windy, and undoubtedly the midges are living proof that size isn’t everything.

But, here’s the thing. When Scotland isn’t wet, cold and windy, it is quite possibly, (and in my opinion is definitely) the most beautiful country in the world.

We’ve just got back from three weeks camping in the Highlands, and – sit down before you read this – we only had rain on one day.

As the weather decided to play nicely for a change, we spent a lot of time ‘doing’ beaches.

And so here are a few that we checked out – and you definitely don’t want to bother with them – no really, don’t do it.

  1. Sanna Bay – : A long drive along single track roads, rewarded with soft white sand.
  2. Ardtoe – : Small beach, but with remarkable mini lagoons, great shells. The tide comes in quickly.
  3. The Singing Sands – almost beach perfection (but a good five miles walk there and back) Go prepared.
  4. Achmelvich – small but perfectly formed.
  5. Clachtoll – ditto
  6. Clashnessie – gorgeous sinky sand. Tiny beach and can be very windy.
  7. Scourie – a shell seekers paradise when the tide is out.
  8. Sandwood Bay – possibly the best beach in the world – but a four and a half mile walk each way.
  9. Balnakiel – a close tie with Sandwood  for the best beach award. Much easier to get to, and you can watch jets bombing off shore as you paddle
  10. Sango Bay – a beach on top of the world.


Of course if the idea of miles of glorious untouched sand, peace and tranquility and the almost total lack of any kind of facilities (toilets, cafes, ice-creams – you name it) appeals and if you don’t mind driving for miles or walking for hours, then by all means give it a go – just don’t tell anyone else.

P.S. Midges aren’t usually a problem at the seaside.

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

2 thoughts on “10 Beaches You Really Don’t Want To Visit…”

  1. Looks and sounds like the perfect holiday – the Olympics actually turned out to be well worth watching though, and that came as a big surprise to me as I’ve played ‘widow’ to every kind of sport for the last thirty years and usually can’t bear even the thought of watching it!

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