Being a tart and settling down…

Are you a blog monogamist, or do you spread yourself around?

There’s something about early September that puts me in a tizzy. I’m sure it’s some sort of throw-back to school days, when it was the month you headed back to school after the long holidays – a time of change.

To be honest though, I’ve been feeling unsettled for a few months now. The thing I’ve been wondering about, is should Mostly Motley, which I started as a home for random – non-stitchery – thoughts carry on, or should I divide my blogging between subject specific blogs?

Regular visitors here will perhaps have noticed the frequent changes to the blog’s appearance – an indication of my unsettledness.

Some of the blogs I love most are a real hotchpotch of topics, others are very tightly focussed.

I wondered if I should set up more subject specific sites, so as to attract interested readers and not bore the pants off others. But although in theory this is a good idea, in practice, my mind can’t cope with that many variables.

I’m clearly not someone well suited to a polygamist lifestyle.

And so, having worried about this for much longer than is at all reasonable, I have decided to stay with Mostly Motley, although I may well add in a few topics I’ve previously kept back, add some new pages and tidy up a few things here and there.

Please accept my apologies for future content of an entirely uninteresting nature – it’s just me, being me.

How about you? Do you have secret other lives in Blogland? Does it work for you? Do tell….

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

2 thoughts on “Being a tart and settling down…”

  1. Sorry this is so late – I’ve tried several times to leave comments but was not able to log in from here for some strange reason. Anyway, now I can, I can say that I too have struggled with this and have ideas for at least two other blogs, but is there time? Keep going as you are I say, I like the contents of both your current ones.

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