Ready For The Off…

So, today is the official opening of the Olympics, and therefore, as the next couple of weeks will undoubtedly be wall to wall crass radio and TV coverage, we’re off as far away from London as we can get without leaving Britain.

Our camping expeditions take a bit of organising, so we probably won’t actually hit the road until tomorrow or Sunday, but once I get into packing mode, I’m a woman possessed – nothing stands in my way! Once I’ve finished writing this, I’m switching off (well, perhaps just a little more browsing – and maybe even booking a camp site or two) – but basically, this is where the holiday starts.

Of course, this being England, our camping holiday appears to have been timed with precision to coincide with the end of the heat wave.

Yesterday, when number one daughter and I were walking the dog in near sub Saharan temperatures, we met this little fellow.

Can you make him out? I think it’s a slow-worm, but if not, please tell me what you think it is.

He was struggling in the hot sunshine the wriggle across a sandy path, into the shade. He got there without the dog being interested.

It’s not so hot today, which is better for me – I like to be warm, but too hot and I wilt.

Happy summer everyone. I’ll be back in a few weeks.

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

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