Autumn colours…

I was beginning to feel a bit cheated by Mother Nature this autumn – what had she done with all the traditional colours?

Around here, the reddy-golds have been in very short supply.

But today I realised there were other little gems to discover…

The bracken fronds were dripping with diamonds…

IMAG3832_2Hips were doing an impression of a firework going off…

IMAG3828And hiding among the shiny wet leaves….

IMAG3836were these little chaps – yes, they really are that delicate colour!

IMAG3834Not bad.







Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

17 thoughts on “Autumn colours…”

  1. It’s strange not seeing many of the reds and oranges this year isn’t it but as you say there is a different kind of beauty – a more subtle sort to be found if we but look carefully.

  2. I had notice the lack of those vibrant reds all the way up to Scotland but the berries and hips are prolific this year. I should be out gathering Rose Hips to make syrup but as usual too short of time at the moment. Gorgeous photos – I could almost reach in and gather up those leaves!

    1. Rose-hip syrup – that takes me back. I remember people trying to squeeze them down people’s backs at school – aren’t they supposed to make you itch – or is that something else?

  3. I was photographing hips at the weekend, but they weren’t as prolific as yours, Anny. I’m glad you’re finding colour at last. We too are getting gold and bronze now, but very little red.

    1. I must admit to wishing I had a proper camera for things like the hips, my little phone struggles a bit, but they were so exuberant I had to try and snap them. Oddly enough, since we started having so much rain, the general intensity of autumn colour has increased – but still not much red.

  4. Gorgeous!

    Yes, we must loooook. For so many things. Like Seasonal Beauty… And magic… And whimsey… 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the beauty, which you discovered.


    1. I have found three in my mushroom book which look similar – 2 are poisonous, one edible – I’m not playing those odds! Happy to enjoy the colour in a photo.

  5. Not bad at all. We hadn’t seen much autumn colour either, though it finally started to come through last week. Just in time for the leaves to be frozen off the trees if the weather forecasters are to be believed

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