A touch of printing…

Scan 2I’ve finished cutting the lino I mentioned in Symmetry. This is how it looked at the first printing.

Both daughters want to colour it in, and I admit, I do too, so there might be more to see another day. I get enormous enjoyment from doing these linocuts. Anything that forces you to go slowly and take your time, is probably a perfect way to meditate.

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

4 thoughts on “A touch of printing…”

  1. I love your lino cut – I am just starting to catch up with everyone’s posts and this caught my eye. I have recently bought a few bits of lino to get back into doing some cuts. Lisa Hooper at http://www.hoopoeprints.co.uk does some lovely lino cuts – she is an artist working in Port William near our cottage in Scotland and I keep trying to attend one of her day workshops while we are up there.

    1. I think lino-cutting should be available on the NHS – it is such good fun it has to be good for you! Thank you for the link – marvellous prints she has there. A workshop sounds like an excellent idea – always useful to hear from the experts about their techniques. x

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