A touch of printing…

Scan 2I’ve finished cutting the lino I mentioned in Symmetry. This is how it looked at the first printing.

Both daughters want to colour it in, and I admit, I do too, so there might be more to see another day. I get enormous enjoyment from doing these linocuts. Anything that forces you to go slowly and take your time, is probably a perfect way to meditate.


I’ve been working on a new linocut today. As with the needlepoint, I find the process becomes meditative as you get involved – it’s huge fun – just like being a child again, approaching a technique just for the hell of it, not expecting anything.

I must have been designed for repetitive tasks – something in them carries me off in my imagination.

Anyway, I digress….

In case you were wondering, this is the piece I was sketching out.


When it was sitting on my desk with the copy sheet flipped to the side, I was suddenly struck by the symmetry it created.

I don’t normally ‘do’ symmetry – even when I try it never works, but here it is without any input at all (well if you ignore the piece of Sellotape that was holding them together).

And I rather like it.



Strange how things sometimes work out…