Kicking Ass Feels Good


One of the messages that I’m trying to make my inner critic hear, is that ‘I AM AN ARTIST’. Now, if that doesn’t resonate with you, then you’re probably not one of us frustrated people, who once knew they were at the very least ‘artistic’ and even harboured vague ideas that we may in fact be artists, but somewhere along the journey, we were persuaded, either by our own inner voice, or by the very real voices of others, that in fact art was not something right for us.

Well for some time now, I’ve realised that I am in fact an artist. I’m probably a pretty rubbish one, but at my core, I simply know that I am here to create art in some form or other. The trouble is that I’ve spent very many more years listening to the voices that told me art was only for the über talented, or those who had no need or desire to make a living form art.

So I’m now on a quest to get my artist out. And let me tell you, that takes courage. Not being endowed with a massive range of supportive people to help me on this particular quest, I have discovered that there are some fabulous voices out there in print, telling me all the things I need to hear. So Amazon are doing well from my developing sense of the artist within, but I don’t begrudge them a penny, because at last I feel as if I am being admitted into a club that I should always have been a member of.

One of the many books that I’ve read recently, which I put firmly in my ‘supporters’ category is ‘Kick-Ass Creativity’ by Mary Beth Maziarz.

This book is like a whirlwind of enthusiasm and encouragement. Reading it always manages to lift my energy levels to a higher place. Much of the message isn’t new to me, but the way in which it is written, gives me the impetus I need to carry on, and to make lasting change. Now I’m not sure that everyone who reads it would put aside their scepticism and believe the core truths that Mary talks about, but my view is that we find these books at the right time for us. For me, it is the right time.

If you are a frustrated artist, either with a capital ‘A’ or without, and if you could do with an injection of red-hot energy into your work, or even to get you going in the morning, then take a look at Kick-Ass Creativity – maybe it’s right for you too.

Take a peek at her website here.

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

2 thoughts on “Kicking Ass Feels Good”

  1. hi…

    Thanks so much for the kind words about my book. I’m SO GLAD you’re finding a boost of energy and support from it — that energy grows and becomes contagious…! You ARE an artist — your writing here shows it. Please come share anytime you like on the official site or

    Best wishes, and thanks again for mentioning your positive experience with the book!
    mb : )

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