Summer Highlights

Well hello again. 

It’s sweltering here as I sit in the coolest room in the house (which happens to be my tiny hidey-hole), writing for the first time in a couple of months. I’m not complaining, not really. We’ve had so many summers that failed to fly, summers spent wondering if the sun would ever come out at all, summers when the cotton frocks and sandals stayed firmly in the wardrobe, so it seems churlish to get frustrated with the heat at the moment.

Findhorn Bay in July

But of course, some of us aren’t built for heat. I know people (I’m married to one of them) who come alive when the temperatures rise. However, for me, it’s difficult to function well. It’s not just a physical issue with the heat – although let’s just acknowledge that ladies of a certain age, living with random hot flushes are experiencing a double whammy this summer – it’s also a mental fog that seems to descend in proportion to the rising temperature. Perhaps it’s that fog that really annoys me most.

Enough moaning though, because apart from the heat, I’ve been having the most amazing few weeks. There have been trips to Scotland, Wales, and various parts of England. And it’s all been simply wonderful. I’m still in the frame of mind that rejoices in the freedom to simply travel again. Trips to the seaside have been especially emotional, as it was the thing I’d begun to miss most during the plague season.


Well, in no particular order….

The Botanic Garden of Wales.
Honestly, it makes your eyes water to see the size of ‘houseplant’ in the hot house!

My brother lives near the garden and has been sending me photos of his visits for years. So a couple of weeks ago I finally made it there in person. It was a scorching day, but what a remarkable place it is and even the heat didn’t stop us having a wonderful time. There’s so much to see, so many different plantings, so many different environments. If I lived closer it’s a place I’d be sure to visit regularly, no two visits would ever be the same, always something new to see.

Kidwelly Castle
What a forbidding entrance!
The mist rolling in and adding a special touch of mystery.

Odd for this confirmed castle-holic to admit, but I’d never been until this summer. I can’t imagine why, because it’s simply brilliant. If you were even vaguely interested in castles, this one would tick every box. It’s got everything you could want from a castle. And there’s so much of it still intact that you can walk around. I’ll admit to feeling quite overwhelmed by the place. 

Findhorn Bay

Our visit to Findhorn Bay was on another very hot day and there were perhaps thirty people on the beach…that’s Scottish beaches for you. Perfect.

Cromer Pier
Cromer Pier – proper seaside.

Here’s a tip for you. There’s are bar/cafe at the far end of the pier which opens all day and into the evening. It serves teas and coffees as well as beer etc, but also ice cream, bar meals, and snacks. But the best thing is that if you sit outside, you have the best views of Cromer and the sea. At sunset, the place has a lovely atmosphere. Funny how watching a sunset with a dozen strangers can make you feel quite connected.

There have been lots of other special moments over the last couple of months. Have you been somewhere that’s stayed in your mind recently? Do leave a message if you’d like to.

In Other News.

I have managed quite a lot of artiness in between all the trips out, but it’s all been of the playing and experimental kind. While trawling the internet, I came across Laly Mille. I’ve been watching some of her mini videos and I’ve subscribed to her newsletter because I love her style and her attitude to creative play/practice. Perhaps you’ll find something inspirational there? I’ve put links below for anyone who’s interested.

Instagram & Vero

I think my love affair with Instagram is fading away. So different now to the place it was when I first joined. In those days you had a good idea whose posts you’d see and who would see yours. It was actually fairly social. Now, it seems to be endless adverts and video clips that mean nothing to me.

But I do like taking photos and recording the little moments of joy and wonder as they happen and I miss having a place to put them. And in fact, the habit of doing that is something I rather like, it is a small thing, but it helps me to slow down and appreciate the wonders around me.

So, I have just started an account with Vero. Vero, as far as I can tell, remains chronological and does not run adverts. Of course there are far fewer people there at the moment compared to Instagram, but for me, it has never been about the numbers. It’s a little clunky, but I’m alright with that, at least for now. So if you are already using Vero and would like to find me there, I’m @mostlymotley (Or I think if you search for Ann Pawley you’d also find me).

Well, that’s enough from me for now. I hope that wherever you are, you’re happy and peaceful.

Best wishes,

Until the next time

Anny x

The Botanic Garden of Wales –

Cromer Pier

Kidwelly Castle

Laly Mille’s website

Kicking Ass Feels Good


One of the messages that I’m trying to make my inner critic hear, is that ‘I AM AN ARTIST’. Now, if that doesn’t resonate with you, then you’re probably not one of us frustrated people, who once knew they were at the very least ‘artistic’ and even harboured vague ideas that we may in fact be artists, but somewhere along the journey, we were persuaded, either by our own inner voice, or by the very real voices of others, that in fact art was not something right for us.

Well for some time now, I’ve realised that I am in fact an artist. I’m probably a pretty rubbish one, but at my core, I simply know that I am here to create art in some form or other. The trouble is that I’ve spent very many more years listening to the voices that told me art was only for the über talented, or those who had no need or desire to make a living form art.

So I’m now on a quest to get my artist out. And let me tell you, that takes courage. Not being endowed with a massive range of supportive people to help me on this particular quest, I have discovered that there are some fabulous voices out there in print, telling me all the things I need to hear. So Amazon are doing well from my developing sense of the artist within, but I don’t begrudge them a penny, because at last I feel as if I am being admitted into a club that I should always have been a member of.

One of the many books that I’ve read recently, which I put firmly in my ‘supporters’ category is ‘Kick-Ass Creativity’ by Mary Beth Maziarz.

This book is like a whirlwind of enthusiasm and encouragement. Reading it always manages to lift my energy levels to a higher place. Much of the message isn’t new to me, but the way in which it is written, gives me the impetus I need to carry on, and to make lasting change. Now I’m not sure that everyone who reads it would put aside their scepticism and believe the core truths that Mary talks about, but my view is that we find these books at the right time for us. For me, it is the right time.

If you are a frustrated artist, either with a capital ‘A’ or without, and if you could do with an injection of red-hot energy into your work, or even to get you going in the morning, then take a look at Kick-Ass Creativity – maybe it’s right for you too.

Take a peek at her website here.