Childish excitement…

IMAG3288Hands up those of you who can honestly say you don’t sneak the occasional conker into your pocket at this time of year. I’m sure I’m not the only adult who still gets a little thrill finding a new glossy brown conker on the ground – a split-second regression to playgrounds and autumns past…

My dog-walking coat is currently playing host to a small collection – I start off intending to bring them into the house for a seasonal arrangement, but somehow the coat stays in the car for days on end and finally when I pull them out, they’ve started to shrivel.  (There ought to be a message there I feel sure – choose your own).

But although I get very excited finding conkers, I really prefer acorns. There’s something about all that pent-up energy, sitting in its own, beautifully crafted cup, that delights me every year.

Annoyingly, acorns also appear to be the current weapon of choice of our bushy-tailed tree-dwelling terrorist friends (AKA squirrels). Once again the delinquent dog and I are having to sprint through the worst of the danger zones, checking overhead for any signs that the little devils are preparing to attack.

Who said walking the dog was boring…





Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

15 thoughts on “Childish excitement…”

  1. Me too – I just have to handle the shiny smooth skin of a newly fallen conker even though I know it won’t stay like that but will shrivel and dry. Love acorns too and the way the nut/seed/fruit or whatever it is sits in its own little cup so beautifully textured and the acorn so smooth and green. Luckily although we have plenty of squirrles who chatter in a very annoyed fashion in the woods ours don’t seem to have thought of pelting any walkers canine or otherwise with the acorns!

  2. Oh yes indeed….in fact I came home with two conkers this afternoon, some acorns and chestnuts yesterday!

    We have three oak trees – at least that is what they look like to me in our street, but not once has any of them produced acorns.

  3. Plenty of nuts of all kinds as far as I can see, though I haven’t yet found a conker, as they only grow down in the valley. When I do I will definitely pick it up, even at my age.

  4. I have always had a little nature table since I was at school – my friends used to laugh at me and over the years I have acquired many little gifts to put on my table – some beautiful pottery conkers and mushrooms amongst them. A few of my colleagues even collect bits and pieces to hand over to me on their way to work. I am so disappointed that our Local Authority saw fit to chop down three of the most beautiful horse chestnut trees near to our office which had always been my plentiful supply of conkers for me. I agree that Acorns are a small wonder of design – isn’t nature just marvellous!

    1. Yes absolutely, nothing we do compares to the things Nature creates, its fabulous. When I’m organised, I like to have a few seasonal bits and pieces on the hearth step, but conkers always seem to go missing – either the dog or the girls to blame I suppose…

  5. My husband calls me The Pocket Filler … I pick stuff up where ever I go … fun isn’t it. I think we have an almost primeval urge to fossick and forage for stuff … well some of us do anyway 🙂

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