Blackberry breakfast…

For the last few weeks I have been watching the blackberries ripen in the hedges as I walk the delinquent dog each morning.


On Friday, I could resist no longer. The poor dog stood around, looking just like small children do when you stop in the street to talk to people – that posture that says something like ‘Oh really, haven’t you finished yet’…

While I had my breakfast courtesy of Mother Nature.





Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

11 thoughts on “Blackberry breakfast…”

    1. Blackberries are the one fruit I’ve never bought in a shop – too many years spent precariously balanced in prickly hedges – it adds to the enjoyment I’m sure.

  1. They’ve been so late to ripen here and this last weekend would have been a prime time for picking but I wasn’t about. Think I’ll have to attempt to get some this afternoon, before the rains come!

    1. The very best ones were about eight feet up in the hedges – a problem when you’re only five feet seven and holding a delinquent dog with one hand – it makes me ache to think how much is going to waste.

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