The Chef lives…

In the 1970s, my mum became the proud owner of a Kenwood Chef. She was an enthusiastic cake maker (and eater for that matter, although unlike me she had hollow legs, but that’s another story…). She must have used it practically every week for the next thirty plus years. When she died and we cleared her house, the Kenwood was still sitting in the corner of the kitchen, unaware that it had helped make its last cake.

It’s been boxed up in our garage ever since.

Until that is, a couple of weeks ago.

Because some niggling little voice has been calling to me from the garage – ‘Why not use the Kenwood – it even has a bread-hook you know…’ and I really fancied making bread…

So in it came. I gave it a good clean, out came the strong bread flour and yeast, in it went, on went the switch, it purred round and round – I smiled. It suddenly went berserk – I switched it off – and then back on again – it whizzed around maniacally, and a nasty electrical smell came out – and then it emitted one very loud and abrupt BANG! I cried.

The Kenwood after Techno-hero had his wicked way with the screwdriver.
The Kenwood after Techno-hero had his wicked way with the screwdriver.

But the advantage of being married to a techno-hero, is that he can take things apart and put them back together again.

He took out his screw-driver, did a considerable amount of muttering, googled  ‘Kenwood repairs’ and now, two weeks and a new resistor later, I have a functioning Kenwood. Hoorah!

According to Techno Hero, this is the blown resistor - umm, yes, he's probably right.
According to Techno Hero, this is the blown resistor – umm, yes, he’s probably right.

I just know my mum is cheering from her fluffy cloud and my dad is thinking what a good job I married someone just like him.

So today, in their honour, the first cake from the repaired Kenwood – is mum’s favourite – a Madeira. (And a loaf is just proving now).

Madeira Cake from Nan's cook book.
Madeira Cake from Nan’s cook book.

I’m very happy indeed.

Here's to the next thirty years service.
Here’s to the next thirty years service.

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

19 thoughts on “The Chef lives…”

  1. Ah, the K beater with planetary action, you can’t do any better than that! I have one that is ancient, and I used to bake about 4 times a week (feeding cake to hungry equestrians).

    1. A devotee indeed! I must admit, there’s something satisfying about the way it whirls around – I must find suitable music to play while it’s working – a Shostakovich waltz perhaps?

  2. A spouse who can fix things is a great asset! I like the thought of your mum cheering his success and admiring your lovely madeira cake from her cloud.

    1. True, he’s definitely got his attractions… I think the prospect of repairing mum’s machine was what really spurred him into action, he’s an old softy at heart.

  3. My Dad is a techno hero too, and my husband, um, tries hard to be one, but then he’s an IT hero and he irons so I’m not complaining.

    I just love that you’re using this again. I wonder who has the oldest food processor in active aervice?

    1. I did wonder about that myself, although from the Googling we did to find out how to repair it, I get the impression there are quite a lot of people nursing their old appliances along. (BTW it does make good bread – I’ve made a few loaves now and am almost ready to start experimenting!).

  4. Your Mum and I are obviously of the same generation, Anny. DH and I were given the same model as a wedding present in 1968 and it’s still going strong! It hasn’t had as much use as your Mum’s as I’m not a great cake baker, but they were certainly made to last. My DH would be out with the screwdrivers in a flash if ours went wrong. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, my Other Half doesn’t need much of an excuse to wield his screwdriver – he doesn’t like anything mechanical or electrical to get the better of him – very useful indeed.

  5. I loved this post it’s funny and touching and the cake looks delicious. What time’s tea? I had a Kenwood passed on from my ex-mother-in-law. Wish I knew what happened to it – it used to have a vicious-looking emery-type plate for scraping potatoes too. Happy baking!

    1. I must admit, I feel a bit emotional about it, I know mum would have been really pleased. No scraping attachments though with this one!

  6. Delicious! Both the cake and the Kenwood – my Mum wouldn’t have known what to do with one – what’s wrong with my Bamix she’d say!

  7. Tell your husband we are all very impressed! I need a technohero, too. I’ll have to speak to my husband about his role in our house. Yes indeed your mother must be smiling down.

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