Oh, now come on…

I felt like Victor Meldrew this morning when I opened the curtains to lashing rain and a dark grey sky. Somebody has kidnapped the spring – I want it back – NOW!

Just when I thought it was safe to put a couple of my thicker winter jumpers back in the wardrobe, here I am again dressed up like a Michelin Man.

It felt particularly silly after reading the weekend supplements. (We have a neighbour who has an arrangement with a friendly newsagent to give him his surplus supplements, so we get the magazines, travel, gardening, money and TV review pieces, just not the news – a fabulous arrangement). 

Here’s a selection of the latest ‘must-haves’ from the weekend….


You’d have hypothermia if you went out in that kit around here today.

But it’s all a bit academic as far as I’m concerned. My capsule wardrobe (I think that’s what the fashion journalists call it) consists of jeans, T-shirts, fleeces & cardigans. In winter I wear them all, layered up, and in summer (whatever that is) I wear fewer jumpers. This probably also has something to do with choosing to camp in the Scottish Highlands most summers, where you’d be quite rash not to have the option of a jumper or two for the cooler days.

In fact I’m quite sure that I am almost the antithesis of the target weekend supplement reader. I don’t go to posh restaurants,our garden designs itself, our house is not valued at over £1million, I don’t watch much TV and although I like to cook, my grocery budget doesn’t run to fillet steak as a mid-week supper.

That said, I still love flicking through the papers. I feel a contented detachment – able to appreciate, without any need at all to emulate. I’m sure it wasn’t always the case, but perhaps that’s what growing-up is about, or perhaps it’s what refusing to grow-up is about.

I think this headline sums up what they are really all about,


Umm, well, I’m happy enough with what I’ve already got.




In other news…

Warning: Don’t read any further if you’re allergic to needlepoint or history.

I’ve made it to a mini-milestone with my current needlepoint project – click here to go to the post at Dreaming In Stitches.

And my notes on Whitby Abbey are now up at Mists of TIme.




Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

2 thoughts on “Oh, now come on…”

  1. Pleased to hear someone else favours the casual and practical approach to fashion! I never could see the attractive side of goose-pimples; I just hate being cold. My own “oh come on now” though would have to be to the person who dared recently to suggest that women over a certain age shouldn’t wear jeans. I mean, who do they think made them fashionable in the first place? I must find out who said it and have a word with their mother….

    1. Kindred spirit – I hate being cold too. I wonder if the ageist fashionista thought we should move into crimplene slacks or tweed skirts with matching trilby…

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