Where Are The Indian Restaurants In Hereford?

English: Hereford Cathedral and Wye Bridge
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Last week we had a mini jaunt to Hereford, so I could meet up with my brother who lives in deepest, darkest, rural Wales (OK, so not really deep or dark, but pretty rural, can you hear the envy seeping through here?).

We’ve been doing this for a couple of years. We stay at the Premier Inn in Hereford (very good value for money, especially when you can fit four in one room – although I think this may have been the last time – apparently both me and my other half snore!).

Then we go to Hay-on-Wye to meet up with my brother and I fill up all the space I can find in the car, with books (Hay is the secondhand book capital of the worldpossibly).

On our second night in Hereford, we decided that a curry would be nice. Husband works in Hereford from time to time, and was sure that he knew an Indian restaurant. So off we went. For some reason, he parked near The Green Dragon and then set off, practically frogmarching me and the daughters across the city.

After ten minutes, I think it dawned on the female members of the expeditionary force, that he had no idea where he was taking us. When we found ourselves somewhat closer to our hotel than the car, we knew it was time for decisive action.

We moaned.

After another ten minutes, we were at The Spread Eagle pub – a stones through from where we parked the car.

Excellent meal and very good beer. Beware, if you order the steak and ale pie, you get two. Obviously that’s fine if you’ve just walked the entire perimeter of the city and worked up an appetite, probably not so good if the jeans you’re wearing are already cutting off the blood supply to vital organs.

The coconut creme brulee is heavenly. (Had to share mine with number one daughter, due to rather enthusiastic consumption of the pies).

So, not a disaster in the end. But it does leave us wondering, where are the Indian restaurants? Surely Hereford cannot be the only town/city in England without one? We live in a relatively small market town and I could offer you a choice of about five sit down restaurants and another four or five take-aways.

If you can recommend an Indian in Hereford, please let me know. We’ll be going back again later in the year and I’d love to be able to astonish the husband by taking us straight there.



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