Tired of blogging?

This week, as I’ve been reading through my daily Bloglovin selection of posts, I’ve become aware of rather a lot of people complaining about how hard they’re finding it to blog regularly, how difficult it is to come up with original content and how tough it is to stick to their posting schedule.

Now, this has set me thinking. Considering that the blogosphere is the most awe-inspiring means to connect people, why would anyone get bored with it?

A few things have occurred to me, based on my totally random and non-scientific survey.

If you blog to make money, then it’s a job. Your task is indeed to provide good content on a regular basis. Your readers, followers, etc, are your potential customers, and giving them what they want, is your mission.

So, if blogging is a significant income source for you – or you’re working towards making it so, then really you have to treat it just like any other job.

Now, if I go into a shop, browsing around, with the possible intention of buying something, the last thing I want is a shop assistant telling me how bored they are with the whole shop, how hard it is to turn up every morning and open up, and how every day is the same and they’ve nothing new to show me.

I’m not for a minute saying that blogs shouldn’t be used for this purpose, indeed, some of my favourites do just that – all I’m suggesting is, that where money is the motive, a professional attitude is essential.


If you’re not blogging for money and you’re feeling tired or bored, then don’t worry, either take a break or stop entirely. Is there some sort of pressure we put on ourselves that says once we have a few followers, we’re letting the side down if we don’t show up, day after day?

Does it matter how often you post? I follow blogs that post daily, weekly, monthly and randomly – I appreciate them all for different qualities.

In the US, they’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving, and now Christmas is around the corner, so hell yes, most of us are up to our armpits in stuff we should be doing – so why make life any more stressful by worrying about what we’ll post about tomorrow?

Surely, if something occurs to you, and you can find time to post, then that’s great, but if not, what are we followers going to do? – run away, black list you, strike you off our Christmas card list? What sort of followers do you have anyway if they’d abandon you for so little neglect.

Quality not quantity?

‘Tis the season to be jolly (apparently), but it should also be the season to be very kind to yourself. Don’t stress.

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

2 thoughts on “Tired of blogging?”

  1. You are quite right about blogging. I sometimes feel I should be blogging more but as I don’t have time to do so much textile work lately, I feel as if there is nothing interesting to say. I think I will carry on posting as and when there is something interesting rather than trying to post on a weekly basis. Nice to know I am not the only one feeling like this!
    I enjoy reading your blogs and hope you carry on with them.
    Have a lovely Christmas.

    1. Hoping that Christmas went well for you. I’ve just about managed to boot the children off my computer long enough to read the odd blog over Christmas, but I haven’t had the time or inclination to write anything myself – I’m sure we’re not alone. I also wanted to say that I very much enjoy your blog, and I hope that you’ll post when you feel like it. I definitely prefer quality to quantity! Best wishes.

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