A Visit To The Dark Mountain

Most mornings, once the daily round has circled, I sit at the computer with a mug of steaming hot coffee, and I go visiting. I travel curtesy of the internet, to the blog homes of the people who, for whatever reason (and there are many) I have bookmarked.

Every visit is tinged with excitement – will they be in? (by which I mean, have they posted something new). I’m coming to know the rhythms by which they’re drawn to post. I feel disappointed when some aren’t in, occasionally I even worry about them, especially if they’re missing for longer than seems normal. I know none ‘in person’, but nevertheless, feel closely connected.

New posts are devoured.

But perhaps the greatest excitement, and still the one which gives me the biggest thrill, is the post that leads me to pastures new, places which, until that moment, were entirely unknown to me, and would have stayed that way, had it not been for the generosity of the blogger.

Today, I’ve had one of those immense thrills, thanks to Rima at The Hermitage. From her Dark Mountain post, I’ve been introduced to a group of people who have put into eloquent words, ideas that were nothing more than prickly, smoky wafts in my mind, but which, having read them here, I’ve found resonate strongly with me.

I won’t attempt to summarise the Dark Mountain approach here, – please do go and have a look yourself, when you’ve free time – I’ll simply say that the concept of continual progress has worried me more and more as I’ve grown older, and finding that I’m not alone, has both relieved me and provoked in me a need to clarify my thoughts.

I know that what interests and inspires one person, will cause others to weep with boredom, but what happiness to have open and welcome access to so many views.

Once again, I find myself vaguely star-struck and enormously grateful for the daily weaving of connections.

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

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