Any Scrivener Fans Out There?

Is anyone using Scrivener for your writing projects?

My friend who is Mac mad, gave me a pile of magazines, dating back a few months, which I have in the reading room (otherwise known as the en suite bathroom). A large proportion of the content goes way over my head, but one article caught my eye, and that was a description of a piece of software to make long writing projects easier to handle; it’s called Scrivener.

Well, having had more than one brush up with Pages, I was eager to have a look.

I found the free download online, at the beginning of this week, and am having a ball playing with it, but in a way, it is a bit frustrating, because it makes you want to get on and write, but then I’m finding that it takes me quite a while to work out how some of the features work, which stops the flow.

I am gradually getting better at it I think, but I’d be interested to know if anyone else is using it, and if so, is it really as good as I hope it may be? I’m determined to give it a good try out, but it appears to have more features than I’m likely to get my head around in the test period.

The free download lasts for thirty days of use – a nice touch, the clock only ticks on the days when you use it – and so far, I’m trying to use those days as practice sessions, but it’s easy to get carried away.

At the moment I’m inclined to buy it, but any feedback from current users would be interesting.

If you haven’t seen it yourself, click here and go and have a look around.

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