Le Touquet? Yes Please!

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We are lucky enough to have a friend who flies his own light aircraft. As a result and because he likes taking people out on jaunts, we’ve had some lovely days out over the last few years, flying to places around the UK. This weekend however, was something of a departure (forgive the expression). Our friend suggested we go on a day trip to Le Touquet on the northern Normandy coast. We jumped at the chance, so Sunday morning, as the weather in the UK cleared, we set off for France.

We were blessed with fantastic weather, although the sea fog that had been covering The Channel only lifted over Le Touquet as we arrived there.

The airport at Le Touquet is just a couple of miles from the town centre and the amazing beach. You can easily hire bicycles at the airport and pedal down into town – lots of people were and it’s a good idea too, because the road and paths are flat and easy to follow. However, we chose to walk and enjoy the stroll which is mainly through pine trees and very expensive houses, to the beach.

Miles of glorious sand were waiting for us, and being British, we hadn’t forgotten to take the bucket and spade. The sea seemed a long way away – not perhaps as in Weston-Super-Mare, but a fair trek. Nevertheless, the girls and I made our way out, so we could say we’d dipped our toes in the water.

We had an incident (no day trip out is complete without one don’t you think?). Number one daughter managed to step in a sandy ‘quick sand’ – sorry but it’s difficult to explain exactly, it’s just that there are small amounts of quick sand dotted about close to the sea-shore – impossible to know where, unless I suppose you’re a local? Anyway, she managed to pull her leg out, but it left her shoe behind. She was quite upset, more from the shock I suppose, but I really felt we’d have more problems trying to get the shoe back as it was at least 3′ down and we didn’t have anyway of getting to it safely.

So I took the Mummy decision that a new pair of shoes was in order and we’d honour the beach with its trophy of our visit.

It didn’t put us off though, Le Touquet beach is incredible. Very civilised indeed.

Being pale skinned types, there was really only so much sunning we could take, so off we went into the town itself in search of afternoon refreshments. There’s no shortage of places to eat, although it does get very busy, but we were drawn to a shop/cafe that had the most gorgeous meringues in the window. We all opted for crepes of various guises, which were delicious.

At last it was time to start the walk back. We asked number 2 daughter if she’d rather take the bus, but she was adamant that she wanted to walk and experience more of the French atmosphere, so we took our time and leisurely strolled back to the airport, feeling wonderfully refreshed, almost as if we’d been away on a short holiday instead of a day trip.

The flight back was a treat, because the visibility meant that we could see for miles. It’s not something you take for granted.

What a fantastic time, and as for Le Touquet, yes please, anytime.

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English countryside, old places, making art.

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