It’s raining!

Well here it is at last – the rain. How incredibly welcome it is, as we had reached the point of having to water not only the pot plants, but also the plants which were planted in the ground last year. Sadly I think I’ve already lost a few, I was just too late getting out there with the watering can, but hopefully, most of them will live to fight another day.

So this morning I’ve been out doing a little weeding in the soft earth, accompanied by blackbirds and thrushes, who were having a feast on the worms and grubs coming up in the rain. The garden is so dry that the soil I hoed around is dust just under the surface, but with any luck we’ll have some more rain over the weekend.

I love the smell in the garden when it rains – earth combined with the essence of flowers.

I went to sit on the bench under the leylandii and was delighted to discover that the canopy is now so big, that I can sit there comfortably without getting wet. What a treat to be able to sit outside and experience the rain – fantastic.

Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

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