Snail Racing

The daughters are on their Easter holiday, so as you can imagine (or may be are also going through), there’s a pretty frequent need to provide ‘something to do’.

Youngest daughter has a friend here today and later we’re all going to have a walk round the National Trust gardens at Ascott House in Buckinghamshire.

This morning the girls have inevitably been playing on the Wii, and watching some dreadful childrens’ TV programmes, but guess what? About an hour ago they decided they want to do some snail racing!

This is all thanks to The Woodland Trust who sent the girls an activity pack recently, which contained a race track and instructions no less.

So off we all trooped into the garden to select our runners (sorry, should that be sliders?). Imagine my pique – no snails anywhere. This is really insulting, because every year I feed the little b****ers and their shell-less relatives hundreds of pounds worth of delicious baby plants. So you’d think that when you actually want a couple, they’d be more than happy to oblige.

We tried watering the borders a bit, to encourage them out of their dark hide-aways, but no luck.

Finally, I plucked up courage and went ferreting in the old flowerpot pile, under the eaves of the wood shed. And voila, tucked into the bottom of a small plastic 7″ pot, were three assorted snails.

The girls have now set them up on the race track and the starting gun has sounded. I took my camera to capture the excitement at the finishing line – but they aren’t exactly rushing towards the finish post – in fact, we may be here some time. Chat amongst yourselves. I’m going to have a coffee.

If there’s anything to see before we go out, I’ll let you know.


Author: Anny

English countryside, old places, making art.

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