New to me music finds

One of the things that I love about the blogging community, is the way in which the discoveries of one person can inspire another. In one such vein, this week I am enormously indebted to Moonlight and Hares. If you go and visit Karen’s website, in addition to her lovely posts, you’ll also notice some very subtle, gentle and lulling music, drifting along while you read.

Intrigued by this, today I spent a little time investigating more about the artists Karen has featured on her site. Well, it was just like opening a huge box of Christmas goodies. The thing is, I’d never come across Trevor Morris, Zbigniew Preisner or Loreena McKennit until today, nor would I ever likely have done, had it not been for Karen’s blog.

The music they create is very appealing to me, and exactly right for me when I’m at home, trying to concentrate on my work or latest project.

I’ve already spent an hour or so this morning, listening on iTunes to some of these artists work and I’m sure I’ll be back again to try out some more. But the most delightful thing, is knowing that without the blogosphere, I’d never have found this. Perhaps I should even remember that before the internet, even if I had heard about a particular artist, it could have taken weeks to track down LPs or CDs, now I simply look them up on iTunes and within minutes I can have the pleasure of listening to them.

As someone born before all this became second nature, I’m still entranced by the amazing possibilities that the internet opens for us, and I’m especially grateful for the blogging community who introduce me to a vast array of experiences that I’d otherwise never know about. And today, a special thanks to Karen.