Ringing the Raunds…

At the weekend we went on a ringing outing with friends (have I mentioned that I’m a bell-ringer?) – don’t let it put you off, we’re mostly nice people. Anyway, we went off to Northamptonshire and explored a few of that county’s lovely village churches. The last tower in the day, was Raunds. Ever since the tower list came out (the itinerary for the day), I’d had a feeling that we must have been to Raunds before, because the name seemed familiar, but I couldn’t remember when.

Anyway, as we walked in through the door, it suddenly became obvious why I’d recognised the name – I hadn’t been there before, but I’d certainly read about it, because this is a church which retains some magnificent, and very large, medieval wall paintings. They really are quite amazing, and give you a fantastic feeling for what pre-Reformation churches would have looked like. There must have been so much colour in these buildings, it’s hard to imagine unless you see the scale of something like the wall paintings at Raunds.

Anyway, if you’re interested, and would like to see more, click here – it’s a fabulous website with excellent photographs of the wall paintings and the rest of the church – what a labour of love!