Blue and Green

Or – what a difference two weeks can make….

After such a long winter, the richness of the spring is making my senses tingle. A couple of weeks ago, there wasn’t much green…

IMAG1197Now, it’s bursting out all over…

IMAG1449_2IMAG1451 IMAG1455And the bluebells are so gorgeous, I couldn’t resist taking more pictures…

IMAG1380 IMAG1457 IMAG1454 IMAG1464A spring carpet.

Blue haze…


Earlier in the week, before the downpour set in, I’d noticed the bluebells were out in the wood where I walk the delinquent dog most mornings.

Taking photographs whilst simultaneously holding a schizophrenic dog on his lead and keeping a 360 degree watch for the approach of other dogs, squirrels or similarly tempting small furry animals, is quite a skill.

So it wasn’t until this morning that I finally managed to snap a few pictures.



Corny perhaps, but I still get a thrill when I see patches of bluebells through the trees.


But the most memorable part of the walk today wasn’t something I could photograph – it was the smell. After 36 hours of heavy rain, followed by a couple of bursts of bright warm sunshine, the smells through the wood and in the fields seemed intensified, more eau de parfum than eau de toilette – almost heady.


I love spring when it’s behaving itself.